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photo of the Mind JugglerPhlegyas, the Mind Juggler, is the most prominent and luminous individual in the world of our times. He possesses unscrupulous drive towards perfection, zero tolerance against mediocrity and an infinite hate for all God’s creatures in clothes.

Phlegyas, the Mind Juggler, is a tormented soul, a demented intelligence, an unstable psyche who reaches out through his writings and pulls the strings on the most delicate and virgin harps of tranquillity causing ripples of aftermath grand.

Phlegyas, the Mind Juggler, is not a frivolous, self-indulgent author who claims writing to be his favourite pastime activity. Phlegyas, the Mind Juggler, takes a visionary look deep down the depths of the readers’ best kept secrets, their most ulterior, unacknowledged desires, their deepest, most frightening fears and their most sought-after darkest entertainment.

Phlegyas, the Mind Juggler, is ready to take up any woe and transform it into a craft.

For Phlegyas is not a mere somebody. For Phlegyas is … the Mind Juggler.

Phlegyas has dug into the depths of horror, has unleashed the essence of fear and has written all about the pure fright that comes from caressing the disgusting and the fearsome. Phlegyas is the writer of such gems as “the Djin” and “the VideoGame” and the much appreciated comedic “the Intersection” which is now being expanded over a sequel.

Those of you who have tasted pure disgust in the “Deranged”, rest assured, I skipped that bit. You should consider yourselves special for having read such an outrageous piece, as no-one else will ever find it again.

Phlegyas is so confident he can deliver that he is ready to take up any wager.

Give me a subject, I’ll give you a MasterPiece!

~ Phlegyas, the Mind Juggler.