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Belong - 2017

What’s the hardest thing you will ever have to do as a human being? We don’t get to think about these things. We don’t. We carelessly live our lives in …

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#theDark - 2015

Remember I announced a new short story some time back? In fact, it was a collaboration of writers coming together to write a collection of short stories based on 5 …

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Welcome Sinner (+ a lil’ something) - 2014

So, after a few years of posting stories and lyrics on this website, I thought it was time to start a more often updated section with news, both on writing …

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the empty room

The End of Everything - 2013

May 16, 2011. I exhausted my statistical hope. I ran out of days. I chickened out. I left.

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Charcoal Manifesto - 2010

I know I should be writing this piece in Greek since it’s not just another story; it’s a chunk of my real life which would be better delivered, given, in …

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the Algorithmic Philosopher - 2009

Born in 1979 in Greece. Which is actually Hellas. I’m a Hellene. I’m proud of it. You deal with it. My Christian given name is not Phlegyas. It should have …

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1. Near Death - 1979

The very first days of my life in this world, the world itself was not what you’d call “welcoming”. Still a baby, with eyes closed and sleeping away for the …

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