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the Algorithmic Philosopher

Born in 1979 in Greece. Which is actually Hellas. I’m a Hellene. I’m proud of it. You deal with it.

My Christian given name is not Phlegyas. It should have been. But it couldn’t have been.

I have been going by the name “Phlegyas” since I was 17. There is a reason for that. Whoever knows me understands why. Assuming they know the Myth of Phlegyas.

I am a Computer Scientist. Currently employed in the United Kingdom. Which is a funny thing. Cause there’s no science in computers. They should call us engineers actually. Software Engineers. But that would not be appropriate. For we are not Engineers. We are the people who visualise the solutions to problems. What we are is… Algorithmic Philosophers. That’s what we should call ourselves. Algorithmic Philosophers.

I write. I think and I write. Fiction and non-fiction. My fiction is blood drenched. Probably no one will want to read it. I suppose purchasing it is out of the question. Humour aside, I like what I write. I’m just kind of positive no one else will. But it’s okay. Cause I enjoy doing the things I enjoy doing. My non-fiction should be published. It’s the Philosophy of the Misanthrope.

I am a Philosopher. I ponder about things. Hard. Too hard at times. Explains why people who know/knew me say I think too much. I really don’t. They just think too little. If at all. People do not think nowadays. They mechanically perform. They get in the habit of breathing. They forget to stop. Breathing is good. But if you’re not thinking, you’re breathing air that could support someone who would actually think. Which brings us to another characteristic of mine.

I hate people; and, I can’t see how I could mask my feelings for people I deeply believe they shouldn’t be. But they are. What’s more? They breed. Holy mother, God has no mercy. I might have unconsciously hated people my entire life. I can’t be sure about that. What I do know is that I consciously hate people for the last many years. Actually, my handle had originally been “Phlegyas the Misanthrope” through all of my college and university years. I only changed it to “Phlegyas the Mindjuggler” a couple of years ago. Useless creatures that have been juggled already know what I’m talking about. And why. Then again, may be not.

You now probably understand I really don’t like people. They’re useless, mindless, confused, self-centered little creatures that yearn for approval and the ability to amaze others. Well they don’t. They don’t amaze me. They just make my stomach spin. What is it with approval anyway? It is in the human nature to shoot for excellence, fail and settle for making other people’s lives miserable. Pardon me for the intrusion in your disillusioned world, but you can’t crave control and approval at the same time. Well, of course you can. I just mean, you can’t crave for control and approval and really believe that it’s achievable. It’s a joke. All people are a joke. This world needs to get rid of people. The Creator Force must get rid of people.

And if people were created as an experiment for the identification of a supreme being, people should be eradicated. The experiment should cease. I’m here.

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