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Live One More Day - 2014

Zero The darkness breathes; it writhes; it wriggles; it comes to life and claims the innocent to feed its incessant gluttony for expansion; it manifests in horrid hideousness; it breeds …

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Mortal Passion - 2014

You feel my fingertips, you won’t forget my lips, the depth of the abyss, a sarcophagus kiss… You feel the insects crawl, you hold onto your soul, petrified of the …

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I.K.S. - 2013

This is our kitchen, a kitchen of pride with two dishwashers standing side by side. A kitchen for everyone in this office of ours inside and outside of core working …

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4. Eurovision | In Euphoria - 2012

originally posted on FaceBook as Eurovision 2012 – the “Montenegro” Paradox Last Saturday, May the 26th, 41 European countries participated in the yearly music contest “Eurovision”, which was held at …

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1. The Principle of Combustion - 2011

June 13, 1992. Little boy Ama was playing in his room when he heard the commotion. At first, he ignored it. He preferred role playing with his G.I.Joe figurines rather …

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Ethical - 2011

The word “ethical” builds on the word “ethos” that comes from the Greek “ήθος”. It is the English equivalent adjective to the Greek “ηθικός”. It means to be related to …

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Ethos - 2011

Admittedly, it’s been a few days since my last entry in the #EnglishIsAllGreekToMe twitter tag but, as most of you know, this is because I was away on Easter holidays. …

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Pathetic - 2011

Some people consider the effort put into retrieving the roots of words pathetic. Which is rather interesting since, “pathetic” itself roots in a Greek word. The word “pathetic” appeared in …

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Sympathy - 2011

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word sympathy was first introduced to the English language in 1579. You can follow the links to the Oxford Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Dictionary to …

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Antipathy - 2011

Antipathy is the antonym to the word “Sympathy“. Follow the link for a detailed study. Antipathy roots in the Greek word “αντιπάθεια”, read “antipathia”. The original Greek word is a …

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logo - 2011

In the age of the internet, everybody knows what a logo is. They are everywhere. Every company, association, service and whatnot have one. It is the one sophisticated graphic, be …

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Apology - 2011

“Apology” appeared in the English language in 1533. It means “a formal justification or expression of regret“. The word is used as is from the Greek “απολογία” which is a …

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Pathos - 2011

Ethos, pathos and logos are the three styles of rhetoric. Indeed, all three of those words come from the Greek language, as does the word “rhetoric”. In fact, one could …

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Logos - 2011

Yesterday, in our first lesson about the Greek roots of English words, we talked about “pathos“. Πάθος, as described by Aristotle, is one of the three forms of the rhetoric. …

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IF - 2011

Frantic. FRANTIC. I’m swiming. I’m diving. No. I’m falling! Faster, faster… I’m falling up. Or? Am I flying down? Down… Down where? Down to the sky! Trees and patios. Birds. …

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Three Little Kittens - 2011

Three little kittens and a bottle of milk one dressed in rugs, one dressed in cotton, the third dressed in silk. Three little kittens with thirst unquenched around the bottle, …

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Lady Fate - 2011

The barren land – soaked in blood, the whirling bursts – dance with the sand, as eyes are closing forever more, this is their last – glimpse of the sun… …

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Chubby Manifesto - 2010

One hundred and five, the kilos thrive in the elegance of the absence of chin, as the caramels go and the chocolates flow, who would ever wanna be thin? Pastas …

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Misanthrope - 2010

Misanthropy! The drastic dynamic of a sceptical bona fide cynic, observing the fall of ideals, as the new world order reveals. I! Feel nothing inside but apathy! The only excitement …

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Unable - 2010

[audio:|titles=0. UNABLE COMPLETE] Judge: It’s been years we hear this: all you need is some mental peace! But you stand here accused for the hearts you’ve abused Lawyer: My client …

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Abused - 2010

“Abused” is my first attempt on concrete unit poetry. In essence, concrete unit poetry is a form of poetry where a concrete unit will define the formation of the poem. In this case, the concrete unit is the number 36. Each line is made up of precisely 36 letters. Furthermore, each verse is considered a sentence and thus, only the fourth line of each verse is allowed to end with a full stop. This means that the first three lines of each verse will be 36 letters long and the last line of the verse will be 35 letters long, plus one punctuation mark (i.e. 36 characters). Furthermore, strict riming occurs every two lines. I kinda like this new experimentation.

The matter discussed by the poem is not an easy one so please be warned that you may find it disturbing. Thank you!

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I the Vampiress - 2010

I stalk my victims in the midnight darkness invisibly covered by the natural blackness – this madness, entailed by thirst unsatisfied by water the warm essence caressing the delicacy of …

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3. Planet E | the Patient is Terminal - 2010

I was looking for a certain C# related post when I came across the blog of a fellow developer. The last post at the time I visited talked about the …

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2. the Life Friendless - 2010

Life is not a romantic comedy. If anything, it is more of an epic journey that oozes with dramatic fluctuations and foments peril. Nothing more or less, life is just …

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We: the Rain - 2010

Leaving mother cloud as if allowed starting my trip a rain drop on my own in a storm of rain drops, alone reluctant at first driven by thirst a trip …

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Memory Watch - 2010

She hadn’t felt like that in years. The last time she remembered falling head over heels for a man was at least fifteen years ago, when she was still in …

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2. Raubenheimer VS the Church - 2010

Raubenheimer was shocked by the incident at the Intersection. He needed calmness and guidance but, who could possibly help him go against super-humans? Who could measure against supernatural beings with …

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Running Bare - 2010

She was running frantically, she was running scared and she was running bare. Dirty strips of decomposing cloth were hanging down her waist; but as she kept running past the …

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MindJuggler - 2010

I balance On the sharp edge of deception An avalanche Trickery at conception Under valance The dirty deed in erection I balance Equilibrium Love, hate and apathy At the podium …

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Die Tonight - 2010

I want to die tonight, can cry no more tonight, can’t carry on alone on this night. My heart feels heavy tonight, My heart paused beating tonight, don’t think I’ll …

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Composition of Phlegyas

Wrath of Phlegyas - 2010

A daughter raped, A King enraged A God satisfied, respect that died. Cathedral in flames, not easing the pain, Eternally cursed, with eternity blessed. This is the Wrath of Phlegyas. …

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1. Raubenheimer VS the Superhumans - 2010

– Sir, you do realise that this is an emergency line, correct? Prank phone calls are being monitored and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. …

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the SuperMarket - 2010

Matthew grabbed him by the face! He had taken as much as he could by his inconsistent mumbling before finally snapping. He grabbed him by the face and dropped him …

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Assassin Excellence - 2009

The elevator doors opened. Before walking out, he looked at the three dead bodies that laid around him on the elevator floor. His mind’s eye traced back his trip from …

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Bed of 1000 Inmates - 2009

Sunshine smile, sunrise eyes, passion Nile, desire in sighs… the dawn of day breaks on the bed of one thousand inmates. Lips colliding, torsos crashing, minds idling, urges rushing… the …

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Together Forever - 2008

Rain falling from up high, the Gods cry, teardrops falling from a gray-clad sky. Walking out, memories left back, teardrops falling from eyes in the dark. Memories invading a suffering …

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Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring - 2008

I took a hike, went for a ride Walked down the lake, but for Gadalf’s sake What was it that I found there? Was it a diamond? Or was it …

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Pauline - 2007

the most passionate kiss in a glimpse of eclipse when all hate collides into lethargy divides with a tiny silhouette a pile of feelings in debt human senses alert sexually …

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Sadness: On the Edge of Madness - 2007

Pain. Tears like rain; nothing exists to keep me sane. Suffering. Torture. Nothing beautiful exists; my life pain and sorrow inflicts. Sadness. On the edge of madness; a life by …

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the VideoGame - 2006

Monday, April 2, 2001. 06:30 AM. -Dad, dad! Can I come with you today? Now, that was a first. Alex had woken up at six in the morning and had …

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the Djin - 2006

Chapter One: Depression: Monday morning. 06:00. November 2nd. The alarm went off. The start of a new day. The start of a new week. A new dreary and daunting winter …

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1. the Misanthrope | the Paradox - 2002

I hate people. Very much indeed so.
I hate people and I find no reason to hate myself for doing so, as I constantly find numerous excuses for my hatred.

Hatred, hate and loathing for people.

People. An entire web of reasons to hate the creator God for his or her incompetence in creating life.

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Death Will Ride Soon - 2002

Into the forest, enemy unknown, Slain and slaughtered, cut down to the bone. Fight for your life, there is little chance, Fire merciless, the sparks dance. Swords Arise, Pitiless Lives, …

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Missing you - 2002

Like the blind who are missing the light, like the champions who can’t win one more fight, like the crippled who are missing their walks, like the keys which are …

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Little Boat Loneliness - 2002

In the Sea of Tears, bravery sails, a little boat of courageous loneliness, where the Winds of Memories, blow Waves of Sorrow, shattering the peace of its soul. With no …

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Absinthe Captive - 2002

The room was dark, humid and misty. The suffocating scent of burnt plastic poisoned the oxygen. Several candles attempted to shed light in the darkness. The floor was covered by …

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Human Pestilence - 2002

What is our role on this planet of death, this planet of sadness, Of misery, tragedy, Οf pain and absence, Of good intentions, Οf Truth, Of trust and of love, …

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Deranged: Loom at your own risk - 2001

[the following story is seriously demented and deranged. do not read if you feel there may be things that will give you an upset stomach. This was written in 2002 …

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One Night in New York City - 2001

She lied on the bed and crossed her legs. Her arms rested on both sides of her body and her eyes stared at the white, brightly lit ceiling. She wore …

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My Cosmos - 2001

Do you really believe that I need you for Shepherd, that I need you to preach for my saviour? I think I can arrange my relationship with God, you just …

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Being Myself…My Only Friend - 2000

[Inspired By] “All the thoughts that I never said, spinning round in my aching head, And all those things that I never did, was it meant to be?”[by Blaze Bailey] …

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Tomorrow - 1999

I meant to be part, of this so called society But I found for myself, that it lacked the humanity. I meant to enjoy love, when I came to this …

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The Greatest Love - 1998

Everybody has somehow managed to get in love at least once in their life. It is rather common that before someone manages to find whatever perfect they’ve been looking for, …

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10 Years from Now - 1998

Year: Today + 10 years Place: ANTIOHIA Weather Forecast: Acid Rain / 89℃ Request by the HQ: Do not EXIT the Restricted Areas UNLESS in serious need. Danger of FLESH …

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Archistratego - 1997

WAR, soldiers follow his will! WAR, soldiers trace them and kill! Into the smoke and the fires of the war, Under the flag he’s being fighting for There’s a lone …

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