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My Cosmos

Do you really believe that I need you for Shepherd,
that I need you to preach for my saviour?
I think I can arrange my relationship with God,
you just mind your own behaviour…

All you holy people that feed on the poor,
the ones that believe you for good.
All you liars, deceiving the innocent,
your God really is not as He should.

For He should pay you back for the lies,
that you’ve preached on the masses for years,
for the treasures you made and the fortunes you got,
feeding upon the adolescents’ fears.

You have made up your God to serve your intentions
and a lord of extermination,
so that people would follow your calls and commands,
out of fear of annihilation…

If your God is of Love, what happened to Lucifer,
and why was he expelled?
Out of the garden of eternal beauty, and down into flames
was burnt.

If your God is of Love with the power to forgive,
what use was Noah to Him?
Why did He have to destroy all nature
with such rage and wrath

Your religion is a tale, not a good one indeed,
it just serves your purpose to believe.
It has so many holes, like a Hollywood script
since the story of Adam and Eve.

I’ve built my own Cosmos, so pure and so clean
so balanced like nature Herself,
with God and with Jesus, with Lucifer also,
all loving and caring in depth.

I live in my own Cosmos of purity and light,
with none of all forces in fight.

In perfect balance I live in a Cosmos
as pure as God planned it to be
with forces of evil and forces of good
all looking out for me.
Protecting, avenging and keeping me safe
I live in a Cosmos alone,
a Cosmos I built, I created alone,
a Cosmos to live on my own.

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