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Welcome Sinner (+ a lil’ something)

So, after a few years of posting stories and lyrics on this website, I thought it was time to start a more often updated section with news, both on writing and on personal stuff that I may feel like talking about. This is not the first time that such a thought crosses my mind, I just never before thought I would stick with it; and, that’s an honest reason.

However, with things lately falling into place, I thought it’d be a good idea to have such a repository of updates. Like, for example, up until now, if I was working on a story, or some other piece, I would have no way to announce it. I would only be able to post it after it was complete. And, anyone who has ever written anything will probably agree with this, in the desire to get the piece “out there” as soon as possible, I feel that some of my writings have seen the online world without the required time under the editor’s scalpel. Hopefully, this way now, I will be less eager to throw something online. The blog posts will be unedited. That’s their reason to be. Quick drafts.

Without wasting any more time, let me now say that this is not just a “hello world”, but it does indeed serve as a good opportunity to announce that about a month back, a nice bunch of fellow writers (most of whom published, mind you. But not me, heh!) came together and decided to write a set of stories based on random titles that were formed as part of a game. I too got one of the funny titles and the stories are now mostly complete.

Let me introduce you then!

Dawn Kirby (author of the Serenity series) will be writing “Close to the Blade”.
Michelle Anderson-Picarella (author of Livian) will be writing “Seven Minutes”.
Jason McIntyre (rather prolific author, can’t choose!) will be writing “Taking the Blood”.
Valarie Kinney (author of Just Hold On) will be writing “The Day the Cough Started”.
Φλεγύας/Phlegyas will be writing “Live One More Day”.

image of teddy bear fighting a monster

“Sweet Halloween Dreams” by Begemott @

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