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Live One More Day - 2014

Zero The darkness breathes; it writhes; it wriggles; it comes to life and claims the innocent to feed its incessant gluttony for expansion; it manifests in horrid hideousness; it breeds …

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1. The Principle of Combustion - 2011

June 13, 1992. Little boy Ama was playing in his room when he heard the commotion. At first, he ignored it. He preferred role playing with his G.I.Joe figurines rather …

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IF - 2011

Frantic. FRANTIC. I’m swiming. I’m diving. No. I’m falling! Faster, faster… I’m falling up. Or? Am I flying down? Down… Down where? Down to the sky! Trees and patios. Birds. …

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Memory Watch - 2010

She hadn’t felt like that in years. The last time she remembered falling head over heels for a man was at least fifteen years ago, when she was still in …

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2. Raubenheimer VS the Church - 2010

Raubenheimer was shocked by the incident at the Intersection. He needed calmness and guidance but, who could possibly help him go against super-humans? Who could measure against supernatural beings with …

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Running Bare - 2010

She was running frantically, she was running scared and she was running bare. Dirty strips of decomposing cloth were hanging down her waist; but as she kept running past the …

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1. Raubenheimer VS the Superhumans - 2010

– Sir, you do realise that this is an emergency line, correct? Prank phone calls are being monitored and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. …

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the SuperMarket - 2010

Matthew grabbed him by the face! He had taken as much as he could by his inconsistent mumbling before finally snapping. He grabbed him by the face and dropped him …

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Assassin Excellence - 2009

The elevator doors opened. Before walking out, he looked at the three dead bodies that laid around him on the elevator floor. His mind’s eye traced back his trip from …

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the VideoGame - 2006

Monday, April 2, 2001. 06:30 AM. -Dad, dad! Can I come with you today? Now, that was a first. Alex had woken up at six in the morning and had …

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the Djin - 2006

Chapter One: Depression: Monday morning. 06:00. November 2nd. The alarm went off. The start of a new day. The start of a new week. A new dreary and daunting winter …

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Absinthe Captive - 2002

The room was dark, humid and misty. The suffocating scent of burnt plastic poisoned the oxygen. Several candles attempted to shed light in the darkness. The floor was covered by …

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Deranged: Loom at your own risk - 2001

[the following story is seriously demented and deranged. do not read if you feel there may be things that will give you an upset stomach. This was written in 2002 …

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One Night in New York City - 2001

She lied on the bed and crossed her legs. Her arms rested on both sides of her body and her eyes stared at the white, brightly lit ceiling. She wore …

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The Greatest Love - 1998

Everybody has somehow managed to get in love at least once in their life. It is rather common that before someone manages to find whatever perfect they’ve been looking for, …

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10 Years from Now - 1998

Year: Today + 10 years Place: ANTIOHIA Weather Forecast: Acid Rain / 89℃ Request by the HQ: Do not EXIT the Restricted Areas UNLESS in serious need. Danger of FLESH …

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