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The Greatest Love

Everybody has somehow managed to get in love at least once in their life. It is rather common that before someone manages to find whatever perfect they’ve been looking for, they will cry and get hurt a lot. But when they finally manage to find what they have been dreaming of, then they will be able to live the happiness they had forever been expecting.
I had found pure love and happiness was a word to describe my life.

My life is a giant nothing now.
I’m surrounded by people dressed in white and others running, screaming and shouting all day long. I can do nothing more than live with my memories. Memories of the greatest love I’ve ever lived. Memories of my happiness before they took us apart.
She was so beautiful. Oh! God, she was beautiful. And she would live just for me. She had dedicated her whole life to me. And I would always love her. Never would I dare to ignore her, betray or grieve her.
She was so warm and tender. So friendly and sexy. She was the realization of perfection. The incarnation of my wildest fantasy.
She didn’t say much. I really admired that. A female who could understand that there’s no point in talking unless there’s need to do so. She really used to keep her mouth shut. She would seldom speak but even then I would hardly ever understand what she really wanted. Must have been her accent or something. Even if I never understood her words though, her acts would always betray her meaning. Never did we have any communication problems.
My woman was something else. Both outside and inside.
She was so well worked out. Her muscles could easily prove the kind of life she used to live. Careful with what she would eat and lots of kilometers running just to keep in perfect shape.  Those muscles I adored. Muscles incomparable. Muscles full of energy and power. I really like that to my women. Women with muscles, women sportive and active.
Her eyes are something else I will never forget. Green flames were dancing round the apple of her eye. It was an experience just to look in her eyes. Personally, I could never take my look off her.
Her hair was a miracle. If you could just imagine it going back as the wind blew. He long long dark brown hair fluttering in the breeze… it was a sensation.
My female was the perfect combination of mind and body. And although everyone knew that she worked out and everyone admired her muscles, no one could ever understand her brain. And all those idiots dared to call my woman a ‘brainless animal’?
Well, I was so happy to see their families cry over their cold coffins after I took them their useless lives away. I thought of presenting the dead corpses to my woman as a gift but it’s ok. She knew I had done it for her and she would be happy anyway.
I never went through a trial. Now, that’s strange isn’t it?
I eliminated about twenty useless lives but no matter how useless they were, I still expected to go through a trial. Never happened though. They just brought me here and tied me with this damn white piece of cloth. Straightjacket or something the call it. I had never seen one before. Now I know what it looks like. What it feels like.
And they took my Miranda away. They took her away but still they believe that I am the beast.
They were so brute as to destroy the perfect relationship but no; they are innocent. I am the one to blame. And they call me a monster. Mad they say that I am. A total loss. My relationship was pure poetry but they were just too close-minded to understand that.
I’ve heard that my Miranda found another man. Rumors say that the guy is taking her to the races every once in a while. That’s weird. Awkward I’d say. I never took her to the races. I didn’t know females liked that stuff.
Well I can only assure you of one thing. This other guy that is dating my Miranda now that I cant prevent it, well, he’s dead as soon as I exit this rotten place. “New Detroit Public Sanitarium” it reads on the wooden plate over the huge gate through which I only passed once; the day they threw me here.
I cant understand why they didn’t put me in a jail cell to rot. Why did they bring me to this sick place instead of a darkened cell in a dam prison?
They said something about my woman. They insulted her and they are going to pay for that. I’m just waiting for the right time. Revenge is a dish best served cold as they say back to my homeland. They said something about her not really being a she. They claimed that she was a he. Cant understand those people’s way of thinking. They say that Miranda had male genitals and that made her a he. So what I said? She also had a female’s name and that made her a she! People don’t seem to use their brains at all. And they go on talking about me. Well they are the ones who should spend some time in my place in this Sanitarium. Would help them understand how things on earth work. I believe they are a bit confused. Can you even imagine that? My Miranda being a he? … what more is there to say?
And they say that I am abnormal! Why? Because my woman had no breast? So what? What’s their problem anyway? Miranda is MY woman. I never told them that they should like her. I just expect them to respect her.
And you know what? My woman really deserves to be respected!
My Miranda always wins the races that other guy takes her to. And that’s because my woman is the best purebred!
Oh God! I really love this mare … someday I will exit this Sanitarium and we’ll live as we used to. Together, the two of us, in the countryside, beloved and happy!

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  1. Jane Kelsey says:

    Oh hell, this is a marvelous read! Loved the story so damn much.

    • Phlegyas says:

      hah… a bit sick, a bit (a lot) un-edited, a bit (a hell lot) of crappy English, but, hey, it was so long ago =)
      Thank you for reading anyway. Hope my writing has improved since this!

      • Jane Kelsey says:

        A bit of everything, but I was glued to the monitor so 1 point for you:P I’ll read all of them in order and I’ll let you know;)

        • Phlegyas says:

          haha! I see, OK then. Good luck! I feel like … some of them may very well scare you off 😉

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