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10 Years from Now

Year: Today + 10 years
Weather Forecast: Acid Rain / 89℃
Request by the HQ: Do not EXIT the Restricted Areas UNLESS in serious need. Danger of FLESH MELTING due to Over Heating or Acid Rains.

The Wake Up

Four hours of sleep in the perfectly sealed and vacant room of anti-gravity. Thank God the Russians had made the miracle happen. The latest word of Plexiglas had been used and a room of empty space had been created. No bed, no blankets, no nothing. Pure air surrounding a person’s body. Pure poetry…

Unfortunately, “all things in life end quickly”… as our ancestors would say back in the 19th century. Although technology managed to give us the rest we every day need in just a four hour sleep, nothing compares to the old fashion loafing…

The bell rung once and so, in five minutes Torture would be here…

Torture’s Arrival

The iron door opened. Those five minutes had already passed. A miracle of cyber-genetic stood in the fading light. The plate on its chest read: TORTURE.

It’s the damn robot used by the Commanding Force Delta 5 in order to control areas 5 and 6. This of course included my cell as well.

– “Torture n. 56”

The damn robot was created solely to announce the number of tortures a living being could withstand before expiring.

Fifty Six. Even I was amazed with myself. For two years, I had been exposed to 55 experimental tortures and I had somehow managed to survive them all. It was time for me to try the “Last Resort”, as its name was commonly known within the corridors of Antiohia’s safest prison.

The stupid robot got a tight grip of my hand and forced me to follow it.

I was almost thankful. Torture was supposed to had been a woman when it was still alive.. It could have been worse…

The Last Resort

The great gate opened before my face, for the first time in 2 years. Outside, the light was blinding. The Ozone hole, or whatever those Delta guys called it, had grown way out of control. Thank God I had been in prison all this time. That little girl offering her virginity to me on that night had cost me two years of my life and now, precisely that… My life!

The Charge

I had been accused of raping that little bastard…

No one ever believed I was not the one. Well, perhaps they had seen me doing it. If that was the case, they must had certainly enjoyed it. The little bastard squeezed and screamed like a dying pig. And her little hands tried to fight me away…

Such a beautiful scene…

And then they said I was a lunatic. Me!

They failed to see me for the artist that I truly were. The perfect lover… the guru in the art of love making.

And they had thrown me in here. In this damn, latest technology spying gadgets fully equipped cell.

They had been wrong. They were just too close-minded to understand my art…

The Day

The only good thing about new technological achievements was the velocity accelerator.

I loved this guy. He must had probably been as intelligent as I was. He reached the perfection of mind developing , and so had I.

That last thing he sent into space…

At last, day only lasted for about 5 hours…

The guy had brains… And guts!

These “Teminal Velocity” things that he had sent in orbit round the earth and the sun were majestic. The BRAIN managed to accelerate earth’s turning frequency both around itself and around the sun. Earth would turn around itself with a speed of four times the speed it used to and the sun would draw earth with a force of two times the force it did till then.

It was a lot easier that way.

Humanoid cyber-genetic monsters would take care of all every day tasks and people just slept and ate.

It was quite boring too. At least I had managed to make love before the Delta Force noticed I had still not been castrated. The only one.

The little girl would give birth to the little RAF… My Son!

An eleven year old girl would have my baby. My RAF the younger…

The Day Differs

That was not like any other day. I knew. Nothing seemed the same. Nothing reminded me of a casual 2008 day.

I was allowed to sleep for a whole more hour while all the spying gadgets had been turned off. As if I was of no interest to the Delta guys no more.

And I did not go in the freezer. I had accepted that each day I would spend an hour or two in the freezer but not that day. I didn’t even iodize my teeth that day. That was really strange. No one seemed to care about all the things that I skipped doing on that day.

Everything showed that my fate would not be merciful this time…

The End

Those bastards had killed my love. My son would never be born. My little eleven year old love had been crucified and the baby had died with her.

And now, this would be the end…

I felt a cold hand pushing on my back. I did not resist. I had survived 55 tortures. This 56th one would be the last. The Last Resort!

The hand pushed me harder.

I felt the infrared rays of the sun melting my flesh. My brains grew abnormally. My skull… my skull shattered in thousands of pieces. I took a glimpse of the scattered skull fractures before…

The blinding light was finally out. That was the end.

Year: Today + 10 Years + 1 Day [originally created in 1998 for a Day of 2008!]
Humanoids: 500.000.000
Human Beings: 000.000.000

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