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Being Myself…My Only Friend

[Inspired By] “All the thoughts that I never said, spinning round in my aching head, And all those things that I never did, was it meant to be?”[by Blaze Bailey]

I am the pain that’s left behind
outcast I am to all mankind
the tears I am that wet my eyes
the silent screams drawn in my sighs.

I am the thoughts that never die
I am each fear and tear and sigh
I am depression fed by all
I am rejection to my each call.

Alone I’ve been with hungry thoughts,
with eager eyes staring doors,
I’ve met avoidance, and felt it well,
I’ve lived a life, a living hell.

I am the eye that only cries,
I am the ear that feeds on lies,
I am the soul that dwells in sadness,
I am the mind that prowls in madness.

I am my thoughts that lie unspoken,
My faults will never be forgotten,
I am mistakes that come in numbers,
I am the peace preceding thunders.

I am the sadness and depression,
I am the anger and the tension,
I am the time I lived alone,
The sadness that is never shown.

I am the one who’s never sorry,
I am the one for whom I am worried,
I am the passion that was betrayed,
The soul I am that lies decayed.

I am the eye that only cries,
I am the ear that feeds on lies,
I am the soul that dwells in sadness,
I am the mind that prowls in madness.

I am the one who cried for long,
I am the tears brought by sad songs.

I am the music and harmony,
I am the frenzy and agony.

I am the winter and the rain,
I am relief and I am pain,
I am the puppet on dancing strings,
I am the sum of seven sins.
(I am a master of all sins.)

I am the hangover, the day after,
I am the smile and I’m the laughter,
(I am the sadness, I am the madness)
I am the buyer and I’m the vendor,
I am the final, the last crescendo.

For all who are sorry, I am the one,
For all who call me, I come undone,
I am the father of bastard kids,
I am the sperm, I miss the seeds.

I am the eye that only cries,
I am the ear that feeds on lies,
I am the soul that dwells in sadness,
I am the mind that prowls in madness.

For all your fears I am one more,
Engulfed in kindness my rotten soul,
For all your tears, I am the reason
I am the lie, the act of treason.

For all your loyalty I am betrayal,
For all your love I am the graveyard,
For all your dedication I was never there,
For all your will, I am not to share.

For all your lies, I’m building in,
For all my tears you live in sin,
For all my loneliness you are to blame,
I am all honour, you are all shame.

I am the eye that only cries,
I am the ear that feeds on lies,
I am the soul that dwells in sadness,
I am the mind that prowls in madness.

The wheels I am that get you moving,
The voice that makes the pain so soothing,
The eyes that host the sense of hate,
disturbed, erroneous mental state.

I am the hand that always helps,
I am the man collecting debts,
I am the bass in a band of sorrow,
I am the hope to die tomorrow.

I am a Dogma, a Belief, a Creed


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  1. Peter Everywhere says:

    Wow dude…

  2. Marianna says:

    Yeah, this feels like something you’d write 😉

  3. Ioanna says:

    LOVE IT! Manari einai super!!!!!!

  4. Geronimo says:

    The fuck man?

  5. Charlotte says:

    Powerful stuff. Keep it up, you obviously have things to say. Even though I don’t agree with what you write, I can feel you’re passionate about it. We can use more passionate writers. Thanks for sharing.

    • Phlegyas says:

      Owh… Thank you so much Charlotte. That was probably the warmest comment on my blog! I appreciate it.
      Thank you so much!

  6. SCREW YOU says:

    hahahahah this is fucking ridiculous sad mana

    • Phlegyas says:

      What’s with the language mate? Did you really feel challenged to comment? You don’t even leave a name… OK, whatever.

  7. Sonny Mc'Intyre says:

    Charlotte’s right! You can feel the passion oozing from this piece. Thank you so much for sharing! Keep it up, you’re very talented!

  8. Taste of Freedom says:

    Some people need to chill the fuck down. If you don’t like what you read, try to write something better a$$!%le! Never mind these guys Phlegyas ( how do you read that name? What’s a jawbreaker!). I enjoyed the piece. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have to agree with the others, it’s very powerful and passionate.

    • Phlegyas says:

      Thanks man (woman?). I never care about these trolls. They’re everywhere.
      I can see why “Phlegyas” can be a difficult name for you to read. It’s Hellenic 🙂 It’s actually the latin representation of the word you see in my logo on top (Φλεγύας). Mythological individual, long story to explain in a comment 🙂
      Again, thank you for reading and commenting and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Adrianna Mobaldi says:

    WOW! If only I could write so fiercely! I don’t know if this was born of sadness, or what you’ve endured in your life, but I absolutely loved everything! The rhythm, the tone, the sadness, the strength, the rhymes, the…
    Everything, everything, everything made me want to just meet you and see what a wonderful person you must really be!
    Wow, what a kick in the teeth. Perfect read on a Friday, thank you for posting!

    • Phlegyas says:

      Oh, man! Thank you so much Adrianna (love the name!). It’s so nice to get all these beautiful comments today. Thank you for reading and commenting 😀 Maybe one day we’ll meet hahah who knows? 😀 Thanks again!

  10. Victoria says:

    I have to agree with Taste. Some people…
    Anyway, not to be the party pooper, but I can’t see what all the others see in this. I mean, don’t get me wrong, OK, it’s not bad, but, where’s the strength and the passion that these people keep talking about? I’m sorry friend, I don’t see it. All I see is someone who, probably, in their real life is very scared and sad and who tries to shake the stigma of the helpless online. I may be wrong, but that’s all I get from this. Such an effort put into a piece to persuade people you really are something that you obviously aren’t. Your writing is kind of childish to. I mean, these are a child’s rhymes.
    Anyway, it’s alright, just nothing I would actively encourage people to read.
    Sorry if that kind of ruins the mood, I just don’t think you’re there yet. Hopefully, the rest of your stuff will be more interesting and more polished. This here was neither interesting (to me), nor polished. It’s feels like you didn’t even take a minute to go over it and edit it. I guess it’s better than this actually being the edited version. Anyway. Don’t take it personally. I hope you’ll mature as a writer and evolve and maybe one day you’ll create something worth reading. I can’t say that this is anywhere near that. Not at all.
    Enjoy the weekend anyway and, as I said, nothing personal 🙂 Hope you can take some constructive criticism.

    • Adrianna Mobaldi says:

      …do you even know what “constructive criticism” means?

      • Phlegyas says:

        It’s fine Adrianna. She had her own point of view. We can’t all like everything 🙂 Have an gorgeous, wonderful weekend and, again, thank you for your amazing comment.

    • Phlegyas says:

      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it Victoria. Maybe one day I’ll write better, don’t we all strive to do better? Besides, notice how old this piece is … it’s like 11 years since I wrote it…
      Enjoy the weekend…

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