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We: the Rain

Leaving mother cloud
as if allowed
starting my trip
a rain drop on my own
in a storm of rain drops, alone

reluctant at first
driven by thirst
a trip to knowledge
scared but heroic
an angel devoid

carving through air
securing my share
of time and experience
safeguarded from
but now i’m free with the storm

sisters and brothers
running from our fathers
escaping the grip of control
leaving dead roots far behind
escaping a life defined and aligned

travelling through time
stepping over the line
making this one decision
just for myself
living life as the utmost wealth

mountains and seas
trees and leaves
things of utter beauty
first time witnessing on my own
in the spark of a moment feeling outgrown

racing through nature
feeling her nurture
a trip so marvellous
worthy of its cost
as we all rain drops hit against rocks

Mother Nature we came,
in glory to proclaim,
your excellence and beauty!

Evaporate us,
disintegrate us,
as vapour send us again,
back to the clouds,
our protector shrouds,
to our fathers and mothers,
myself and my brothers,
to join again with our roots,
where life source commutes,
and calumny refutes.
Mother nature you made us
here we all return
water we once were,
into water we’ll turn.

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