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I the Vampiress

I stalk my victims
in the midnight darkness
invisibly covered
by the natural blackness
– this madness,
entailed by thirst
unsatisfied by water
the warm essence caressing
the delicacy of slaughter
– the daughter,
I am of the monster
the lord of the night
in lusty shadows desiring
wanton delight
– I might
smirk at the final approach
of my blossomed dinner
the orthopterous cockroach
– I encroach
I force myself unto whom
who succumbs to the attraction
a smile and a wink, a hook
of a chain reaction
– for satisfaction.
Here on the pier
where the waves sing a song
my victim feels lucky
I shall play along
– not for long.
The carotid artery
pulsating ambrosia
even if their kind
suffocates me with nausea
In the morning,
the body on the deck
will reveal my markings
if they check
– the neck.
It’s getting early
I make haste back to the nest
it’s the price to pay
when eternally blessed
or possessed.

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  1. My other hand says:

    very well done! I like it :*I can’t say more because I am still blushing =)))

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