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The silent sighs carried with dreams
painful rivers and sorrowful streams
the sunlight awakening a newborn day
if life were godsend it’d end today.
Each night a prayer for my salvation
for Death to deliver the termination
each morning a wish failed to fulfil
6 years already how much more still?
The door will open and he’ll walk in
a merciless abuser and master of sin
pain is awful but what really is sad
is the door will open to reveal dad.
Come darkness and blackness of death
please make this one my final breath
don’t let me endure this another day
to prove life divine end mine today!

  2010  /  Song Lyrics  /  Last Updated February 9, 2014 by Phlegyas  / 

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  1. BURNINGFURY says:

    I’ve never heard of concrete unit poetry before. Maybe I should try it out. Sounds intelligent that all your lines are precisely the same number of characters! The subject of the poem itself is a bit of a taboo. I am not sure whether I like it. Anyways good job with the character trick.

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