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[audio:|titles=0. UNABLE COMPLETE]

It’s been years we hear this:
all you need is some mental peace!
But you stand here accused
for the hearts you’ve abused

My client understands all the pain he caused,
he would like to have his condition diagnosed.
Please examine the option to have him tested,
before putting him away for those he molested

My colleague is obviously pulling our leg!
His client should be already trying to beg
for this court to show mercy with its final decision
for the fatal blows he delivered with extreme precision

I’m inclined to believe
That he has nothing to give
That he sucks and he drains
Till no heart remains

My client would like to build up his case,
to clear the mud that’s been thrown on his face.
He’d like to state that it is no crime
that he has felt no love in his lifetime…

This court is not interested in what your client believes!
We’re not buying he’s a victim instead of someone who deceives
anyone and everyone who took him into their heart
when he had planned their downfall from the very start.

Your colleague sounds right.
Although your client might
be a victim as well
he deserves a dark cell!

I beg you your honour to hear out his version!
He would like to fight back the arising aversion.
He should still be regarded as an innocent man
until he’s caught up by something that he can’t outrun

Please explain the court what you mean by that!
How many rabbits can he produce from his hat?
He has broken so many hearts for just one man!
What is there he still thinks he can outrun?

For the argument’s sake,
I’ll allow him to take
the podium and voice
his excuse of choice.

The prosecuted:
Your honour, I thank you for giving me the chance
to voice the reasons that I lack the romance
for which I’m charged for as if I have chosen
to live life with my heart totally frozen.

Like every man on this planet I differ from none!
I’m different now from how I began
my trip in this life and my search for affection,
which ended when I realised its inherent defection.

True love is a myth maintained by people
who would have little issues talking a cripple
Into buying a car with horsepower extreme.
Money equals profit and is never grim…

I stand here accused for having taken advantage
of the girlfriends I supposedly caused to such damage
that they now no longer can express their own feelings,
they call those punishable emotional killings.

I stand here before you as the most evil person,
before eyes eager to teach me a lesson,
but I ask you directly with no fear in my heart,
what is really that sets me from all others apart?

Do you truly believe I’m to blame for the pain,
that my girlfriends have suffered and now call me insane,
when I am possibly the sole sincere guy
To admit I’ve no feelings and deserve to die?

Who other amongst us can truthfully say
that they love their partners as much as they may
that they never wished for some change in their lives
even if that really meant to get rid of their wives?

From the very beginning that I enter a play,
a sexual relationship if you prefer me to say,
I precisely define our roles and our parts
and make it clear that nothing should break our hearts

I precisely demand sincerity and honesty,
for love and affection turn things into a travesty.
From day number one I make clear I’m emotionally dead
For I know of the predicaments I will face up ahead.

Wait there my son
for I must demand
that you explain
that mental train.
I urge you to
explain what’s due!
You sound insane
and vain.
Unstable even,
that’s maybe a given.
I tend to agree
by what I here see

The prosecuted:
Unstable? Judge you’re not proposing
that when I reach my final closing
I should attempt to plead insane
and be made inmate in full restraint

Dear god they really want me badly
to pay for something that so sadly
I do not hold back while possessing it
from all those that have been requesting it

You all want me to pay a price,
don’t even care which one precise,
you just want me to go down
and never ever see me around.

If I plead guilty you might throw a party!
I might even get it partly…
You need a guy to take the fall
so that you might go on all

You want me to admit sincerely
that all my girlfriends I love dearly,
for without love I must be unstable,
for that alone I plead unable!

I plead unable to care,
to love, to mind, and wanna be there
I plead unable to want,
to desire and tolerate for long.

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  1. DRUANTIA says:

    love the last 2 part of the prosecuted and especially the last 4 verses. well done 🙂

    ps. a little to heavy on the sound effects but it’s your first attempt soooo excused 😀

    • Phlegyas says:

      ummm! thanks for the comment girl. As a matter of fact, this was far from my first attempt. As I’ve already said, this was just my version 🙂 The three are aliens, the one is human. It makes sense to set them in extremes. Anyways. Thanks again 🙂

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