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Together Forever

Rain falling from up high, the Gods cry,
teardrops falling from a gray-clad sky.
Walking out, memories left back,
teardrops falling from eyes in the dark.

Memories invading a suffering mind,
memories making me wish I were blind,
memories, pain and sorrow together,
is this the meaning of love forever?

In paths of regret, steps are bringing me,
a confused mind, melancholy feeding me.
A mind chasing images in the past,
was never meant to last
a love dead and still, from dust to dust.

Memories hacking into a hurting heart
Memories torturing me on your part
Memories, pain and sorrow together,
that is the meaning of love forever.

A heart carved in wood, wishing I could,
rise up and do all that I should.

Initials on a log, we carved them in together,
yours and mine and a heart saying forever,
a tear from my eyes dropping like feather
me and you and a life together,

A black sky, shadows and clouds,
someone left behind, with their suffering mind,
someone leaving, something strong dies,
once together, promising forever,

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  1. Amanda says:

    I absolutely love this one.

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