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Death Will Ride Soon

Into the forest, enemy unknown,
Slain and slaughtered, cut down to the bone.
Fight for your life, there is little chance,
Fire merciless, the sparks dance.

Swords Arise, Pitiless Lives, Widowed Wives, Damned Doom.

Midnight moon,
death will ride soon,
listen to the screams in the night.
The shadows dance,
Swords in blooded hands,
Beheaded they fall on the ground.

(the above was written on the registration slip for the final examination of Martin Otto’s Algorithms and Complexity module in 2001 in the University of Wales, Swansea – you don’t need to ask, of course I failed)

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  1. VOODOO says:

    mua hahahaha…eixa ton idio tutor stin diki mou pitixiaki…alla me sympathouse mallon perissotero, afou tin perasa me 70% ….Otto ole !!!!!

  2. ChristosK says:

    Lyrics for Manowar!!

  3. AVR says:

    ma ti diaolo, oloi ton otto eixame stHn ptyxiaki mas ??? xaxaxa… aksexastH symmetria & sobarofaneia… poy na deis ti moy zHtHse otan xronia meta toy esteila mail opoy toy zHtoysa systatikH epistolH..xaxa Phlegyas dwse ! Dwse kai swse !

    • Phlegyas says:

      HA HA HA
      (actually Berger was my second year supervisor and the Great Sharp was my major dissertation responsible) LOL!
      Hey… LUCKY ME

  4. VOODOO says:

    ma…ti sou zitise Christara ???

  5. MAGOS says:

    Είσαστε λίγοι όλοι σας!!!…Oliver Kullman λέμε…uber alles!!!! Λογικό πάντως με τόσους Γερμανούς που είχε μαζέψει ο Tucker…”και οι Έλληνες φοιτητές ήθελαν το Γερμανό τους”!!!!

    Respect phle

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