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Missing you

Like the blind who are missing the light,
like the champions who can’t win one more fight,
like the crippled who are missing their walks,
like the keys which are missing their locks,
like the shy who envy the brave,
like the happy who enrage the sad,
like the lonely who are missing the world,
like the rejected who yearn for a nod.

Like the addicts who are missing their fix,
like the parents who are missing their kids,
like a woman who is missing her man,
like the prisoner who is missing the sun,
like an inmate who is missing his sanity,
like a dying-man who is missing his vanity,
like the dawn which misses the moon,
like a heart that stopped beating too soon,
like the clouds which are missing their raindrops,
like emotions bred by the gallows post,
like the flowers which are missing the rain,
like the dead who are missing the pain.

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  1. Jane Kelsey says:

    heart melted and got lost somewhere in my ribcage….

    • Phlegyas says:

      🙂 This is a belated answer, but I do hope you’ll have a loved new year, happy, with all that matter to you.

      • Jane Kelsey says:

        indeed, a bit late, but still, heart never forgets. You’re still a god, I remember calling you one and you saying “not true”. Anyway, thank you. I really appreciate that. I just saw your reply. Hope you got some nice presents! Happy new year!

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