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Sadness: On the Edge of Madness

Tears like rain; nothing exists to keep me sane.
Suffering. Torture.
Nothing beautiful exists; my life pain and sorrow inflicts.
On the edge of madness; a life by your side in vagueness.
Pain pushing the walls of my head; eyes bleeding tears, making me wish I were dead.
Look at the moon, meeting my doom; it all ends too soon.
Love is not taught, love is not bought,
love was much more than what you thought.
Love shouldn’t be lost, should not be tossed,
love should have never been double crossed.
Love should be held up high, like a baby’s cry,
like the last wish of someone about to die.
Love is the ultimate truth, the utter ideal,
love’s what you failed to keep real.
Love is depicted in the beloved’s eyes, love is what died under your murderous lies.

nothing to see;
trying to forget;
dismissing your image,
I never thought I’d regret,
the first moment we met.


(Most people who already know me will believe that there’s no way I could have ever written something like this, but indeed I once did. Many years ago of course but still…goes to prove that maybe I did once know what love feels like …)

edited in 2015
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  1. No Name says:

    you still know what love feels like. it will never be the same… but you know…

    • Phlegyas says:

      Well dear anonymous… I could think of more than a few people you could be, or you could be someone entirely different, but in any case… I believe that we ‘re meant to love someone. If that someone fails us or if we fail the same love we breed inside, well, there’s no use to say that after a dead love you can love again.
      Yeah, we all know what love feels like. And by “all”, I mean all of us betrayed by it.
      There’s a handful of people that never got to know true love. They’re either way too lucky, or just sheer shit out of luck.
      In any case, knowing what love feels like does not prove anything. And most certainly, does not promise anything.
      If you have something more to add, or if I failed to translate your point correctly, please do come back and comment again. I’ll be happy to read your point of view.

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