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This is our kitchen, a kitchen of pride
with two dishwashers standing side by side.
A kitchen for everyone in this office of ours
inside and outside of core working hours
This is the kitchen that serves us all,
lattes, macchiatos, espressos cold.
Ice cubes, teas and stuff from the fridge
still there are things that make us all cringe.
So, do your part, keep the place clean,
as GN said, make it sparkle and gleam!
Wipe the surfaces, remove the stains,
dust away the coffee and sugar remains,
Wash all of your stuff, dry it too,
it’s not really something SC likes to do.
Keep the sink empty, put what’s dirty away,
how many more ways are there to say:
Put your stuff in the washer, fill it up to the brim
and if it’s all full, start the machine.
Glasses and cups go at the top,
dishes and bowls, well, you’ve got it, don’t stop,
The cutlery basket, fill it back to front
this is the Intelogy – Kitchen Song.
That’s it then, it should suffice for now,
keep the place sparkling, you should know how.
Breadcrumbs and rice and whatever else,
did you leave that on the table? It makes no sense.
Wrap it and tag it and into the bin,
a stinking kitchen is a morbid sin.
And if the bin is all full, and erupting with crap
no excuse not to empty it, so let us recap.
This kitchen is for all of us, so treat it well,
before RG just has it and raises hell.
If everyone helps, we can’t go wrong.
Hum it and sing it, the Intelogy Kitchen Song.
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