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What’s the hardest thing you will ever have to do as a human being? We don’t get to think about these things. We don’t. We carelessly live our lives in …

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Remember I announced a new short story some time back? In fact, it was a collaboration of writers coming together to write a collection of short stories based on 5 …

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Live One More Day

Zero The darkness breathes; it writhes; it wriggles; it comes to life and claims the innocent to feed its incessant gluttony for expansion; it manifests in horrid hideousness; it breeds …

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Welcome Sinner (+ a lil’ something)

So, after a few years of posting stories and lyrics on this website, I thought it was time to start a more often updated section with news, both on writing …

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Mortal Passion

You feel my fingertips, you won’t forget my lips, the depth of the abyss, a sarcophagus kiss… You feel the insects crawl, you hold onto your soul, petrified of the …

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Ο Κορεάτης

Είναι το πρόσωπο της νευρασθένιας, είναι η κατάρα της λογικής,
αναπνέει ακόμα λόγω ευγένειας, μα πόσο ν’αντέξει άλλο κανείς;

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This is our kitchen, a kitchen of pride with two dishwashers standing side by side. A kitchen for everyone in this office of ours inside and outside of core working …

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the empty room

The End of Everything

May 16, 2011. I exhausted my statistical hope. I ran out of days. I chickened out. I left.

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4. Eurovision | In Euphoria

originally posted on FaceBook as Eurovision 2012 – the “Montenegro” Paradox Last Saturday, May the 26th, 41 European countries participated in the yearly music contest “Eurovision”, which was held at …

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