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“the Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova

the historian

Rate and Review: 3/5

I was going for a 4/5 mark but, after reading some of the fellow goodreads reviews, I remembered some of the stuff I did not like in this book. Hence, the 3/5 rating.
First of all, one needs to keep in mind that this is a début novel. As in, the first attempt of a soon to be author.
Keeping that in mind, probably helps.
Also, let me herenow say this: GoodReads author-wannabes, get off your horses. We get it, it’s a inherent feeling of competition. Now, shut up and cower.
One reviewer says that only people who enjoy paint drying off will enjoy this book. Certainly, this book does take time to progress. What did you expect for a book of its volume? 734 pages dude. What do you compare it against? Dan Brown’s cinematographic shitload of crap?
Yes, there are no people diving out of alight helicopters in this one. Instead, there’s a quest that reaches the depths of history, letter after letter. You know, those things people used to write back in the day?
Sure, it gets tiring reading one after the other. Specially, when, they start referring to each other. But, what did you expect? SMS? Email? Maybe, facebook likes?
For crying out loud.
This is a book about Vampires. And, like other stories about Vampires, it is not infested with them.
Certainly, there are hints and there are scenes that point to Vampires. But, no, you will not see any of them go to school, chit chat, play ball and then go home, in a dysfunctional family of equally bright and sparkling Vampires.
Also, there is no great enmity with Werewolves. Actually, there’s no puppies in the story at all.
There’s only the quest of one woman, traversing history a letter at a time, in an attempt to figure out the truth.
I loved this book. I could have so far as giving this a 5/5. For a début novel? Are you kidding me? The research alone and the use of language to describe beautiful picturesque buildings and landscapes are up there with the top word jugglers.
The only reason for not giving it a 5/5 rating is that it does, at times, get tiring. It’s a long book, names fly around within the letters and with years and ages I could not keep track of. I could go so far as to say that I had a harder time keeping track of who is who in this book than in the "the Eight" by Neville.
But, come on, we’re supposed to be reading because we can grasp basic notions. Otherwise, just kick back and watch a movie or something.
Supernatural, why not? Awesome soundtrack.

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