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“Wet Work” by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore

wet work - 4400

Wet Work is the second book written in the 4400 mythology. However, historically, it comes before the other three books that complete the series. Thus, it was the first one that I read.

Talk about being at a loss for words. And, no, I don’t mean that in the most spectacular and positive way…

Well, there’s no going around it: this book sucked. And it sucked badly.

Granted, it’s not the worst book I’ve ever tried to read. It’s not ever the worst book that I’ve actually managed to read. But, it’s nowhere close to “novel” quality.

Of course, we all define that level differently. In my case, I think that, this book at least –and, I seriously hope that the other three will raise the bar, significantly- capitalises on the 4400 appeal. It’s just nowhere close to being a novel.

In any case, it does pull a couple of punches. It would have been unfair of me not to mention it.

I have to say I was surprised to see that in all the mediocrity that the rest of the book was, I was stunned with a spark, a flash of genius. I would totally ruin it if I said any more. All I can say is that it was brilliant.

Another point for the writers goes to keeping true with the original series. Not only for the characters but also for a couple of social remarks that brought back some of the sparkle of the writing of first season. I do remember Skouris (in the TV series) throwing a punch at the US paradox which is their army deploying around the world. In the book too, a couple of such remarks keep the reader’s brain active.

Unfortunately, that’s all the book had to offer. The rest was a struggle. Both the story and the writing, there’ was nothing more I enjoyed. Not remotely.

Rate and Review: 2/5

page 12: So, yeah, I went ahead and bought all 4 novels based on the 4400 tv show. I started reading this one first because it’s the first in the story timeline, even tho it’s the second novel written. The prologue is an utter disappointment and that’s all I can say for now.

page 102: Can you say… "this book sucks #$^@$"? I mean, seriously? For one, you don’t shock anyone with a lesbian MC, keeping track of the environment would be a plus, commas and other syntactic mishaps should probably be respected. Has this been edited at all? Oh my, what a let-down?

page 298: I try really hard not to say that this "novel" is just unreadable, plain and simple. It has a couple of moments that are barely interesting, which, amidst the horrendous writing that makes up the rest of it, feel like strokes of genius. But, I can’t wait to be done with it. Hopefully, the other 3 books will be better. One can only hope.

page 355: Yeah, I’m done with this little gem (huh!) but I’ll give it some time before I come up with a complete review. It can’t be too good, I know that already. Anyway. Have another 3 of the 4400 to read… One can only hope they’ll be better (they can’t be much worse anyway).

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