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Hein – Dark World by Night


If memory serves right, this is Hein. A human. Yes, I did play a human that somehow managed to remain human. He was not bitten, he was not killed. He managed to survive.

I loved the work I did for this avatar. The girl’s shadow on the water, the hawk above, the biohazard and the registration phlegyas 2003 logo, all add to the essence of this avatar. It emits some sort of loneliness and this is precisely what it was meant for.

Hein had been abandoned by his gf in bad shape. That’s the reason he reached the DWbN.


This was the next successful avatar for Hein. Hein, being one of the longer living characters in DWbN had a number of avatars. Just like Silence and Amadeus Walken.

In this avatar as well, tricks have been incorporated to work in favour of Hein’s back story. The blurring effect adds to that as Hein had suffered a blow on the back of the head and had developed loss of memory. During his stay in DWbN, he tried hard to remember his past but all he had in the end was fragments and blurred images.

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