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The Grand Awakening – A Book Cover


A tweeter friend of mine asked online if there ‘d be anyone interested in making a cover for her draft novel. Well, I read the novel’s synopsis and this is what I came up with. Unfortunately, she didn’t like it, so it’s now something that’s left with me. However, I did like it and that’s why I kept it and now I share it with you.

The book synopsis was as follows:

Aubreys’ mysterious appearance in the Vale as an infant caused an uproar within the town. In a place where no outsider has come in hundreds of years, she creates a wide-spread panic. But the panic an infant causes is nothing compared to the fear that is created seventeen years later, when another stranger makes his way through the cursed mountains that surround the town, looking for the lost Princess of Galena. Curiosity overflows Aubrey as she wonders if she could be the one he is looking for, and what will happen if she is? How will they get out of the Vale and what lies in the world beyond the walls? Follow Aubrey on her magical journey through a land she never knew existed in her search to find where she truly belongs.

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